Doctoral Thesis Submission: 7 Key Things To Know

A doctoral dissertation is the final hurdle that students pursuing Ph.Ds. have to overcome before finally entering into the careers of their choice. A Ph.D. student has an edge over his or her counterparts, who have just earned their Masters as the former demonstrates a higher level of learning. However, submitting a thesis paper is an absolute must for each and every doctoral candidate.

  1. Quality matters more than content
  2. This is, perhaps, the most important thing to take note of prior to writing a research paper. The thesis may be brief; in fact, it is preferable that the paper remains brief and not long drawn. The person in charge of reviewing the papers has a lot of them to go through. This is why the students are advised to include only the very necessary facts in their paper. They can elaborate on these points but the paper, in general, must be precise and compact.

  3. Choosing a good supervisor is important
  4. A student should choose a good and legitimate supervisor as his or her guide through the doctoral journey.

    • This is important as the supervisor will be the go to person in case of paper-related emergencies and clarification of doubts. Hence, the supervisor needs to be well- trained and aware of his job description.
    • The student should ask around and conduct the necessary verification procedures to ensure that the assigned supervisor is not a rookie and has a good history and reputation in his field of work.
    • A good relationship between the student and the supervisor is encouraged so that the queries of the former party are addressed properly. However, professionalism should also be maintained in these relationships.
  5. Benefits of working while being a doctoral candidate
  6. Although it may sound like a way to unnecessarily increase an already overburdened student’s workload, working while writing a paper related to the same field has a lot of merits. For one, it gives the student ready access to practical knowledge and experience. This helps broaden the student’s perspective on the topic and improve his or her understanding of it.

  7. Possessing good organisational skills
  8. A dissertation is a portrayal of what the candidate has learned during his experiences and whether he has been able to put it to use. This should be reflected in his or her approach to the project: the choice of topic, how the research has been conducted, the submitted paper and the manner of presentation.