Composing A Dissertation Proposal On Risk Management

Getting to the stage of writing your dissertation represents a significant milestone in one’s academic life. The writing process is lengthy and can feel mind-boggling. The first step of composing the dissertation proposal is in itself a journey of wits. How to go about writing it with success is given emphasise in this article.

  • Start early
  • To avoid getting slammed with intense pressure towards the end, it’s important to start early your writing process. Begin with preparatory works which will begin to define the direction your thesis will take.

  • Finding your topic area
  • Be open and broad-based at this stage. Consult credible information sources to see the type of research already carried out and new research areas. Your research topic should be viable, able to conform to the risk management field. Conduct research to test its viability. Also important is to ensure you have enough access to information on the topic. Consult your peers and experts in your field as a means of the testing suitability of your research topic.

  • Define a working structure
  • Plan your actions and processes with a working structure. This should capture a timeline, a list of tasks, information sources, goals among other things. Define the order in which you will tackle your proposal.

  • Utilise available resources
  • Your faculty has availed resources regarding access to peer-reviewed journals, books, case studies and industry sources. Make maximal use of these resources in writing your proposal. An important resource is your supervisor. Cultivate a relationship as the success of your thesis hinges in part on him/her.

  • Establish a routine
  • Have a routine that you stick too guided by your work structure. Keep to your routine and optimize it as you find out what works and what doesn’t. The most important aspect of your proposal is to keep writing it. Write a chapter. Proofread it and rewrite. Keep a thesis files and if possible define a working area that is suitable for writing without distractions.

  • Faculty guidelines
  • Each faculty has predefined guidelines covering formatting, syntax, and citation styles among others. Ensure are familiar with yours and follow them diligently. Also important is to check your grammar, spelling and writing tone. Whenever in doubt about formatting consult your supervisor.

Ultimately the success of your proposal is dependent on you. Settling on a research topic early, getting and following a proper work structure and keep working will yield your sterling results.