10 Winning MBA Thesis Topics On Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is serious business and may not be for the faint of heart, to think that the workings of a processing or other form of industry, rely heavily on the smooth running and harmonizing of many different, intricate parts, can be a scary thought if you get into the details of it. Needlessly to say, many mangers accomplish this task on a daily basis, giving you many source from which you could learn.

As a student of managerial business studies, you will no doubt be required to conduct research on several aspects of the business industry. For these papers, you will be required to conduct professional level research and presentation, without any assistance from your superiors. They always ready to help. Consider these topic options to help you get started on the right track:

  1. Employee participation
  2. This study explores the effects employee motivation can have on supply chains. How can managers deal with unmotivated employees at specific stages of production, that have the potential to slow the entire chain.

  3. Technical knowledge
  4. This study shows how technological expertise can affect a manager’s ability, despite experience, which is also one of the most important consideration when selecting a manger.

  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. This study explore how much supervisors affect employee performance. Just how much does a bad supervisor slow down the supply chain.

  7. Sacrifice
  8. This study explores the value of personal sacrifice from employees, on behalf of the company. In cases where employees are forced to work over time, at what point does it become too much?

  9. Efficiency versus family
  10. This study explore how much a person is wiling to put up with, in order to keep their job.

  11. The cost of upgrading
  12. This study explore the factors that affects a manager’s decision to upgrade to a newer system, or keep the old one already in place.

  13. Old systems
  14. This study explore the reason why some companies are very reluctant to upgrade their outdated methods.

  15. Personnel training
  16. This study explores the cost of personnel training, versus purchasing new equipment to replace humans.

  17. High turnovers
  18. This study explores the reasons why some companies can’t keep employees for too long, yet never consider changing their methods.

  19. Outsourcing
  20. This study explores the viability of outsourcing versus employee local workers.are the benefits to the company limited to cheaper costs alone, or are their other, non-financial reasons why companies opt for this route?