How To Create A Dissertation Proposal In International Relations

An international relations dissertation proposal can be an interesting takes to complete and there are a number of ways that the task can be approached. Have you never done such a task before, and would like to understand the different things that can set you apart from the rest? Then it is in your best interests to read the remainder of this informative article. You’ll discover more than you think might be possible from such a short piece of content.

Select two countries

Examine the international relations between two different countries and how they are unique. To do this you’ll need to focus on two different countries and ignore the rest of the world. If you focus on to many countries in any given project then you might struggle to get really in depth. This would be bad because a lot of detail is required to show that you can produce the kind of work that any examiner is willing to award a top grade.

It makes sense to create the project on two countries that you already know a lot about. If you can do that then you’ll find the ease with which you can start the work will increase.

Example titles you can work on

Here is a nice list of example topics that can be used in your project so take it into consideration:

  • What two countries need better relations to avoid war?
  • How important are international relations to secure trade deals?
  • What type of international relations does North Korea have?
  • Does the USA have great relations with all European countries?
  • What type of international relations improves the relations of the countries around them?
  • Does it make economic sense to improve the public relations with all countries?
  • What type of president is the right leader to improve international relationships?
  • How can a country do more to improve the relations with its neighbors?
  • What can be done to improve the way that we take a look at other countries?
  • Do you think that accepting the culture of countries far away is important?
  • How can the cultures of other countries enrich your own culture?
  • Give 5 examples of case studies that clearly indicate bad international relations for more than 10 years