Where To Get An Abstract Dissertation Example Of Good Quality

Many students do not understand what an abstract is. Simply put, the abstract is some small window opening to the full content to the thesis or research.
It is mostly comprised of five segments -

  1. The first segment may be optional in some disciplines and includes background information about the key research variables in your paper.
  2. The second segment includes problem statement and indicates the research question or hypothesis of your paper.
  3. The third segment is methodology and applies in cases where you do some experiment – you briefly describe the sample adopted or the methodology or methodologies chosen for your study. The methodology also briefly describes he instruments, materials, the procedures adopted and the data analysis.
  4. The fourth segment includes your findings. The findings are basically what you discover or establish from the experiments.
  5. The fifth and final segment of the abstract is the implications of the study. It is the last bit where you recommend further studies on some particular areas where you could not make conclusive findings due to factors such as time limitations.

Writing abstract for dissertation is tricky because all this important information must be captured in fewest words possible. The only way you can learn how to write quality one, acceptable in the standards of your institution and level of study is by getting quality examples from the following sources.

  • Library:
    You can get quality examples of dissertations at your school library. Ask the librarian to provide the top notch or high grade papers and check their abstracts. In most libraries, you will not be allowed to take the paper out of the library. You may also not be allowed to make copies of the same. However, you can review as many as possible and take down some notes or points of reference.
  • Academic journals:
    Most universities across the world require that their students publish their papers in at least two refereed journals. In these journals you will get papers on different disciplines and so you can review their abstracts. This is the most credible source if you need an illustration of anything academic. A referred journal means that the research work there is peer reviewed by other scholars and so everything there is critiqued and analysed to the highest degree of academic standards.