Cinch Guidelines For To APA Dissertation Formatting

A research paper written in the APA format includes four major sections namely, title page, abstract, main body and references. The formatting of headings is also important.

  • The Title Page:
    The title page in APA dissertation format are horizontally and vertically centred, and is comprised of the title of the paper, your name, the name of the institution, the course you are pursuing, the month and also the year. You should number the title pages as the first page of your paper.
  • The running head should be set to appear in the upper left-hand edge of the paper. However, a running head should not be included in the title pages for the Alliant dissertations. Type the running head in UPPER CASE letters and ensure its characters does not exceed 50 characters. Check the APA style guidelines of your program as there are some notable differences in the running and head and page number requirements among the different institutions.
  • The Abstract:
    The abstract is a thorough but brief description of the research problem, the findings and the summaries. If in your research there was an experiment, then you should describe the methodology and the findings thereof. Its word count should be between 150 and 200 words, in just one paragraph and should have no indentation.
  • The main body:
    This is the crust of the research work and should be divided in to chapters. There should also be clear headings and subheadings, paragraphs and sub paragraphs as well. The main body should also include running head and the pages.
  • References:
    The reference section APA cite dissertation should also include the running head and the page numbers as well. The word “references” should be positioned at the top centre of the page. Continue using the double space in this page. The references should in addition to complying with the format of heading below, also have hanging indent.
  • The format for the heading:
    According to the 6th edition of the APA style formatting, the first level of heading should be centred, in boldface and in the uppercase and lower case. The second level of heading should be on the flush left, in bold face and in the uppercase and lower case. The third level of heading should be indented, in boldface, in lower case and ending with period. The fourth level of heading should be indented, in bold case, in italicized and in lower case and should end with a period. The fifth level of heading should be indented, italicized in the lower case and should end with period.