Credible Sources To Get A Relevant Dissertation Title Page Template

The title page to your dissertation is the first point of contact between your work and the supervisor. If it is designed well, then your professor is likely to get attracted to the same and you are likely to score high grade. The reverse is true, and if you get the title page wrong, even if you have done some good research, the supervisor will have formed some negative opinion about the quality of you work. So, where can you get a relevant title page template for your paper?

  • The library at your institution:
    Most institutions have sample dissertation word template in their libraries. Tell the librarian your topic and he may direct you to useful resources. The librarians also know the guides and books where you can all the information you want. Some larger institutions have librarian for specific units. For example, if our paper is on sociology, the librarian assigned to that unit can help you with some really amazing title page templates.
    Keep in mind that the librarian is just there to help but not to guide or advise you on exactly what to do. Also, check the sample to get an idea on how it should look like but do not copy.
  • Academic journals:
    In the academic journals written by students, researchers and scholars in your area or field of study you can find great title page templates. The advantage of these journals is that you will not just get an outline but also when you cite them as one of your sources, they add professionalism and credibility to the paper. If your paper is on the sciences or humanities you will get many examples of title page templates in these journals.
    Most of the universities and schools have subscription to the word’s leading academic journals databases such as EBSCO and JSTOR so you can get as many templates as possible. In the Google scholar you can also access many academic journals where you can get title page templates for your paper.
    The Google scholar displays the times that academic paper was cited and this can determine how that research is influential. The Google scholar also has link under each of its postings where you can find similar or related academic articles.
    The Microsoft Academic Search also has wide repository of academic papers on engineering, biology, mathematics and physics.
  • Books:
    Books still remain a credible source of title page PhD dissertation template. In fact, most schools and supervisor expressly require students to use books as the main source of information. You can get books in both hard and soft copies at your local or online library.