4 Overused Sociology Dissertation Titles: Check Yourself

The final score in your dissertation paper is the sum total of the score in various other aspects, chief among them being originality and creativity. For this reason, you should avoid the topics which have been written by many times by many people. Some sociology dissertation ideas are so obvious to your supervisor and so they will not impress them.

If you present a title or topic that the professor has seen a couple of times, you will score very low or even get a zero on creativity and originality. Other titles should be avoided because they have been overtaken by events, for example, researching on whether U.S. white population can vote for Black president, since the election of Barack Obama in 2008 concluded this debate.

How do you know the topic is over used?

This is always tricky but you need to check online at the general websites and also in the academic websites. Search about the title of your paper and see how many other papers go by that title or are of similar title. Also check the content of these other pages and determine of it is similar to what you want to write on. Some professors and supervisors will also tell you whether your title has been overused.

When you present the proposed title to them they will you straight away that they have read about it many times. Others will say it in class that they do not want or expect to read any paper about particular title. Discuss with your supervisor and confirm if they are impressed by your research work title or it is something they have heard of, or read many times in the past.

The overused topics will in most cases have readily available information in non-academic sites such as Wikipedia. However, make no mistake of assuming that any topic or content in the non-academic websites is useless. In fact, you can begin your research in these sites but if you need refereed and verifiable information, then you have to corroborate the information you get there with information and facts from sources such as in academic journals.

That having been said, the following are some examples of the 4 overused dissertation sociology titles which you should avoid -

  1. The historical origins and foundations of sociology.
  2. The relevance of sociology in the modern world.
  3. What is the meaning of sociology?
  4. A sociological approach to understanding human behaviour.