5 tips on crafting an outstanding dark tourism dissertation

Dark tourism implies travelling to places related with human death and suffering. The interest in this particular subject is increasing and documentation, essays and dissertations on the subject are becoming popular. Here are some important points to consider if you want to write a dissertation on dark tourism.

  • Be clear on your thesis statement
    Planning your topic or thesis statement will shape and guide your dissertation all the way. From a broad topic, ask yourself questions, which you find intriguing. Research about these questions and you will get your thesis statement as you delve deeper. Form a statement, which is clear, precise and relevant, but be sure to adhere to your institution guidelines.
  • Structure your dissertation.
    Many brilliant ideas are lost if the paper is not planned and executed accordingly. Your written dissertation should be able to convey your thoughts easily and clearly. A standard structure can be
    1. Executive summary – on the dissertation.
    2. Introduction – of the topic / thesis statement.
    3. Research hypotheses and methodology.
    4. Research findings.
    5. Analysis of the findings.
    6. Discussion – on the analysis and result.
    7. Conclusion – on the dissertation
    8. Bibliography and acknowledgements.
  • Follow a proper research methodology
    Go through in details about the places or the incidents and any other related topics in detail. It is important that you tell your readers about the research methodology you’ve followed and how the data is relevant. Be explicit with your data and present them clearly. If you are taking interviews, then it important that you present the transcripts of the interviews.
    Analyzing these data is another important area where you have to be clear, precise and concise about the results. It is better not to hide problems and grey areas, but to highlight them as they might lead to future studies.
  • Write and edit regularly
    It is better to write the dissertation regularly than to wait for all the research to be over. As you write, edit regularly as it is crucial to the success of your paper. While writing, adhere to the institution format and the thesis question of your paper, right from the start. Write in a simple language and strive for cohesiveness and better readability throughout. Eliminate all the flab and superfluous information and stick to the central thesis statement. Ensure a proper proofread for spelling, grammar and language errors.
  • Start early
    Don’t be under the impression that you can finish an excellent dissertation overnight or a weekend. This subject requires your continuous input and attention and can’t be done like a cut and paste job. Before submission though read your paper aloud and if possible before an audience. You will be surprised at the corrections you will find. It is important that you apply yourself properly if you want to write a proper dissertation on dark tourism.