Easy Guide on Human Resource Management Dissertation Structure

Human Resources or HR as referred popularly is the organizational function that deals with the people employed in an organization and issues related to them like hiring, training, compensation and performance related issues. The subject may sound complex and a dissertation on this subject may seem difficult but it is not, if you follow certain steps.

  1. Select an interesting topic.
    This is the basic yet most important step of writing a dissertation. While selecting a topic –
    • Try to be original, contemporary and relevant.
    • Choose a topic which has ample resources.
    • If the topic is given, then try to find a new and unique approach.
  2. Structure the dissertation logically.
    A primary research on the topic will help you to form the central thesis question, and this question will determine the content of your paper. If your institution has a definite format then adhere to it otherwise a general dissertation structure can be –
    • ‘Abstract’
    • ‘Introduction’
    • ‘Literature review’
    • ‘Research methodology’
    • ‘Test results’ and discussion’
    • ‘Summery or conclusion’
    • ‘Bibliography’
  3. Research the topic in depth.
    Research constitutes the data supporting your thesis and is the focal point of your paper. While conducting research follow these rules –
    • Go through all the relevant work done on the topic and identify the shortcomings to shape your query.
    • Select the most appropriate methodology to expose your thesis question.
    • Be methodical in recording or collecting data.
  4. Write your paper simply.
    Your evaluation will depend on the written paper, so all your ideas and effort must be properly presented.
    • Stick to your institution format.
    • Maintain a simple and lucid language.
    • Adhere to your central thesis question.
    • Proofread your paper thoroughly.
    • Explicitly present your research results.
    • Edit and revise to cut the flab and maintain cohesiveness throughout.
  5. Plan the project before.
    Treat your dissertation as a project and plan accordingly. You should –
    • Make a term plan for the dissertation, using organizational charts or apps.
    • Set your own targets in the time frame and fulfill them.
    • Make a practical plan considering contingencies.
    • Don’t procrastinate and stay healthy.

Writing a dissertation on human resources need substantial time and enterprise, but you can make it easy and productive if you follow these general steps.